Ekim Karabey

Software Engineer

Hey there! 👋 I'm a software engineer who loves to solve puzzles and build cool stuff. This website is a little look into my world - my projects, my love for tech, and a bit about what I do when I'm not coding. Hope you find it interesting!

For Recruiters

Glad you stopped by. I'm a software engineer with a rich blend of experiences. Recently, I've been at Shopify, building better user experiences for thousands of merchants. Previously, I've played many roles, from full-stack development at my own venture, Tinyshed, to data engineering at Wayfair. This diverse history has me comfortable wearing many hats - tackling front-end, back-end, or data tasks with equal enthusiasm.

You can get more details about my journey in my resume. Feel free to also check out my LinkedIn and GitHub. Reach out if you see a potential fit, or even just to chat. I'm always ready for new opportunities and challenges.

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